Sesame Street Together Book


One of the first two Sesame Street Little Golden Books ever published—in 1971, along with The Monster at the End of this Book—returns just in time for the 75th-anniversary celebration of Little Golden Books, with the classic Sesame themes of working together, cooperation, problem solving, and friendship. Girls and boys ages 2 to 5 will see how the Sesame Street Muppets solve problems by sharing tasks, from pushing a heavy wagon to drinking a milkshake that’s too big for one. Sesame Street’s original fans will welcome the return of this vintage classic with nostalgia and delight, and new fans will be charmed—and fascinated—by the retro look of their favorite Sesame Street characters: Big Bird, Grover, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Betty Lou, Little Bird, Herry, Sherlock Hemlock, and Roosevelt Franklin.  By Revena Dwight and illustrated by Roger Bradfield.

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